Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How much we have to pay to attend a workshop?
Ans: First of all, you have to register on the official website of Cognizance.
Registration with Accommodation: Charges would be INR 2000 inclusive of food and lodging for the 3 days of Cognizance along with a Cognizance Kit, Goodies and free passes to for Techtainment & Guest Lectures.
Registration without Accommodation: Charges would be INR 1200 and the participants will be provided with a Cognizance kit on registration.
To attend a workshop, you have to pay additional charges according to the particular workshop and the kits will be provided to the participants

2.  Is accommodation available as part of Cognizance ?
Ans: Yes, it shall be made available on first come first serve basis.

3.  What is registration fee for participants of Cognizance?
Ans: The fee shall be Rs 2000 per participant seeking accommodation and Rs 1200 per participant without accommodation.

4.  Will we get any food facility during our stay at IIT Roorkee?
Ans: Yes, each participant who opts for accommodation shall receive breakfast, lunch and dinner during all the three days of Cognizance.

5.  Do we get any food facilities if we do not seek accommodation?
Ans: There shall be various stalls offering different food products open till 9 pm. You could also avail facilities of having your meals in the different Mess of diverse hostels. There are restaurants providing delicious meals just outside your campus.

6.  Will all the team members be given accommodation at the same place?
Ans: We will try to ensure accommodation for all the team members together  but no surety can be guaranteed.

7.  What are the compulsory things that I need to bring with me during my visit to IIT Roorkee during Cognizance?
Ans: It is mandatory for every participant to carry with them their ID card, two of their latest photos and a consent signature from the head of their Institution/ Department.

8.  Are there ATMs inside the campus?
Ans:There are SBI and PNB ATM’s inside the campus working around the clock for the benefit of the participants.

9.  How far is the campus from the Railway station/bus stand?
Ans: The campus is just a matter of 10 minutes from the Railway station and 5 minutes from bus stand. There are cycle/electric rickshaws easily available from these places to assist

10. Is there any accommodation available outside IIT Roorkee campus?
Ans: Yes there are a number of hotels located just outside campus namely Hometel, Sarovar, Prakash, CenterPoint, Sagar, Centrum etc.