Witness India's one of the largest Auto Expo with participation from Audi, BMW, Volvo, HeroMoto and Maruti.




An opportunity for you to hear Prof CNR Rao, Bharat Ratna Awardee 2013

Cognizance'10 was honoured to have Air Vice Marshal Kapil Kak ,who has served in the Indian Air Force. He is a recipient of the Vishist Seva Medal and Ati Vishist Seva Medal for his distinguished services.




With legacy of IIT Roorkee being a fountainhead of science and technology, Cognizance has evolved way past its years and now, is ardently recognized as one of the top-notch technical fests in the mainland. Initiated in 2003, we have provided a podium for engineering innovations and raw ideas to echo, throughout our 12 years of unmatched glorious past.Last year was a benchmark in terms of quality and reach. A plethora of different events were introduced this time and thanks to the success of the previous version of the festival that these events experienced an overwhelming participation of 50,000 from all over the world .The official website turned into one of the most sought after site, recording around 10 lakh hits over a period of 2 peak months.

Now,in our 13th domain.Society today has a tendency to suppress independent thought and action. in the process though, what we are becoming aren't unique intelligent beings but robots desperately trying to fit inside the box. It is only when we empower the individual that we can become together become a force of change to reckon with.

Life and light go hand in hand; one does not exist without the other. It focuses on invigorating and instigating every Individual to put his best for the society and for country. It is only when we empower the individual that we can together become a force of change to reckon with. With the backdrop of United Nation's observance of International Year of Light & Light based Technologies in 2015, the theme "PHOTONIZING I" basically speaks of Individual Empowerment. Cognizance 2015 provides a platform where each and every person can carve out their own niche, and yet work in synergy to create a better tomorrow.

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  • Expected Participations you can ensure

  1. All the campus ambassadors who will successfully manage to complete their internship will be given special recognition and will be given a SPP certificate from Cognizance 2015 in association with Internshala.

  2. Special student partner Internship certificates will be given to selected campus ambassadors in association with Internshala. These customized Certificates will have Internshala's Co-Founder, Cogniznace 2015 Coordinator and Convener's signature.

  3. Campus ambassadors will be provided either with INR 250 or an Internshala T-Shirt for confirming participation in an Internshala online course by using a special discount coupon codes from Intershala only for Cognizance 2015 registered students.

  4. Besides certificates Top 5 Campus Ambassador's performance can be rewarded by offering them with a virtual learning programme online course of Internshala worth INR 6000 from Cognizance 2015.